Updated 07/02/02

Disneyland 35th Birthday Celebration

For it's 35th year Disneyland had a year-long celebration that began on New Year's Day with a special pre-show at the Rose Parade.  Disneyland guests enjoyed exciting birthday festivities in the Park, all year long with such highlights as "The Dream Machine," a year-long gift-giving event where guests have the chance of winning prizes including Geo cars.  There were many celebrity guests celebrating the birthday including Walt Disney Co. Chairman Michael Eisner who rededicated Disneyland.  There was a "Party Gras Parade," complete with a Latin beat and a Mardi Gras theme, features 45-foot-tall balloon sculptures of favorite Disney characters. The actual birthday celebration itself on July 17 included signing dancing and more celebrities including Art Linkletter, Roy E. Disney (Walt Disney Co. Vice Chairman) and the late Frank Wells (President of the Walt Disney Company).
Chairman Michael Eisner President Ronald Regan
The celebration begins  
Art Linkletter, Frank Wells, and Roy E. Disney Art Linkletter and Frank Wells
Art Linkletter  
  Art Linkletter and Roy E. Disney
Roy E. Disney  


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