Updated 04/25/03

Disneyland's 40th Birthday Celebration

The 40th Birthday celebration 7/17/95 started as you entered the park.  As you entered into the Park, moving down Main Street, you could see multi colored balloon arches lining the building tops and a huge "Mickey" shaped balloon sitting on one of the Main Street buildings.  There was music being played which filled the air throughout the entire Main Street area. Guests were excited as they walked and danced their way into the Kingdom.  Among the invited guests in attendance to observe the ceremony were David Smith (from the Disney Archives), Russell Means (voice of Chief Powhatan), Irene Bedard (voice of Pocahontas), and Fess Parker (Davy Crockett). The ceremony started with the Disney characters dancing and singing the Disneyland 40th anniversary theme song. Michael Eisner, Roy E. Disney, Marty Sklar, Judson Green, Dick Nunis and Paul Pressler (all assisted by Mickey Mouse), put special items into a 40th anniversary time capsule. The capsule is to be opened in forty years on July 17, 2035.  After the ceremony, In celebration of the opening of Indian Jones ride, Indiana Jones (well at least a stuntman portraying Indiana Jones) traveled down a zip line from the Matterhorn down to an area off stage.  Then Randy Travis lead the everyone in the park in a rendition of "Happy Birthday" to Disneyland. He was leading the song from the top of the Matterhorn!  The Matterhorn was also dressed with an extremely large banner, "Happy 40th Birthday - Disneyland".

Fireworks and birthday banners flew through the sky.  The banner said "Happy Birthday Disneyland. Balloon arches across Main Street are the first thing you see.  There were large character balloons on both sides of the street.
There were large crowds filled with excitement. The stage where the Time Capsule ceremony took place.
Russell Means (voice of Chief Powhatan), Irene Bedard (voice of Pocahontas) The Time Capsule as it was lowered into the hole until 7/17/2035
Indiana Jones riding a zip line down from the Matterhorn. More of Indy......
There was a beautiful Happy 40th Birthday banner adorning the Matterhorn. Randy Travis lead all of the Disneyland guests in a rendition of Happy Birthday.
Randy Travis signing autographs after the Birthday singing.  


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