Updated 07/02/02


The Mouseketeers Help Celebrate Disneyland's 40th Birthday

Here comes the parade! The Mouseketeers are driven down Mainstreet on the Disneyland Fire Engine and on a 40th anniversary float.

As you can see Bobby Burgess, Karen Pendleton and Sharon Baird are with Mickey on the Disneyland Fire Engine.  The Fire Engine and float paraded down Main Street, then the Mouseketeers headed over to the Disney Gallery. Another shot of Bobby, Sharon, and Karen.

On the float Were Lonnie Burr, Doreen Tracey, Cheryl Holdridge, Sherry Alberoni, Don Grady and Tommy Cole  
George Rocky Sullivan is standing next to the sign telling about the Mousketeer's appearance and introducing Lorraine Santoli, the author of The Official Mickey Mouse Club Book.  You could get a copy of the book and get the Mouseketeers to autograph it for you.   A little about George Rocky Sullivan.  Do you recognize him?  You have probably seen him.  He has been in over 30 films.  George is a professional extra.  He has been in movies like Mars Attacks, Air Force One, Jerry McGuire, X-Files, and played the Judge in the very first scene of Erin Brockovich.  Keep an eye out for him.
Cheryl Holdridge Bobby Burgess
Here is a good picture of Tommy Cole. Bobby Burgess, Sharon Baird and Shannon Sullivan, George's wife.


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