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Walt Disney Comm. Stamp 1980 Pluto Anniversary Grenada Dominica from Pluto's Blue Note Granada Grenadines from Pluto's Dream House Grenada from Pluto's Pueblo Pluto Redonda Christmas 1981 Redonda Pluto's Christmas Tree no. 234-1108
Walt_Stamp.jpg (4345 bytes) Anniversary.jpg (81389 bytes) Blue Note.jpg (37804 bytes) Dream House.jpg (39466 bytes) Pueblo Pluto.jpg (39504 bytes) Redonda 5.jpg (55990 bytes) Plutos Christmas.jpg (60077 bytes)
Dominica, Gambia, Grenada Grenada Grenadines, Grenada Grenada, Lesotho Lesotho, Maldives Maldives, Mongolia Mongolia, Redonda, Posta Romana Posta Romana, Sharjah, Sierra Leone, St. Vincent
Dominica Gambia Grenada.jpg (53588 bytes) Grenada Lesotho.jpg (51217 bytes) Grenada.jpg (47482 bytes) Lesotho Maldives.jpg (49659 bytes) Maldives Mongolia.jpg (48443 bytes) Mongolia Redonda Romana.jpg (49570 bytes) Romana Sharjah.jpg (51076 bytes)
St. Vincent, Grenadines of St. Vincent, Turs and Caicos Islands St. Lucia Turks and Caicos Islands 1982 Disney Stamp Collecting Album  
St Vincent Turks.jpg (52302 bytes) St Lucia.jpg (16695 bytes) Turks.jpg (77568 bytes) Stamp Collecting.jpg (63220 bytes)  
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Disney World

1972 A Pictorial Souvenir 1975 A Pictorial Souvenir 1982 EPCOT center guide 1979 Walt Disney World by Valerie Childs 1986 Walt Disney World Dark Green Cover 1995 Walt Disney World Fall/Winter 1991
1972 walt disney world.jpg (7931 bytes)
1982 EPCOT.jpg (69912 bytes) wdwold.jpg (63936 bytes) wdwpurple.jpg (45888 bytes) wdwdark.jpg (55566 bytes) newsweekwdw20.jpg (41010 bytes)
Disney Magazine 25th Ann. Comm. issue Disney Magazine Spring 97 1981 Tencennial Vacation Guide 1986 Walt Disney World Information Folder 1987 Disney MGM Studios Preview 1987 Walt Disney World Vacation Guide 1987 Town Square Times Town Square Cafe sponsored by Hormel
disneymagWDW25.jpg (45964 bytes) Dis mag Spring 97.jpg (57743 bytes) WDW vacation guide.jpg (49549 bytes) 1986 WDW information folder.jpg (48490 bytes) 1987 MGM Sneak.jpg (45076 bytes) 1987 WDW Vacation Guide.jpg (63963 bytes) 87 Town Square Times.jpg (49528 bytes)
1988 WDW News Illuminations Special Edition Walt Disney World Guide to the Parks Walt Disney World 25th Anniversary Phone Card American Express WDW Guidebook WDW Transportation Guide and Map Since the World Began
Walt Disney World  The First 25 Years
88 WDW News.jpg (48239 bytes) WDW Guide to parks.jpg (33413 bytes) WDW phonecard.jpg (26255 bytes)
Magic Kingdom Oct 2001 GuideMap Epcot Oct. 2001 GuideMap Japanese Epcot Oct. 2001 GuideMap French Epcot Oct. 2001 GuideMap Portuguese Epcot Oct. 2001 GuideMap Spanish Epcot Oct. 2001 GuideMap German Epcot Oct. 2001 GuideMap
Disney MGM Studios
2001 guide
2001 WDW Times and Information 2001 WDW Downtown Disney Guidemap 2001 WDW Water Park Guide 2001 Animal Kingdom Guide    
2001 Animal Kingdom Welcome 2001 Animal Kingdom Field Guide Commitment to Wildlife Conservation 2001 Animal Kingdom Guide Animal Kingdom Welcome for Veterinary Association    

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