This installment:  Broke Down on Mr. toad's Wide Ride.


On our trip to Disneyland June 2009, we were just about the finish our ride on the Mr. Toad's Wild Ride when it stopped. we were just about to enter the hell scene and ride vehicle stopped, all of the doors opened and the emergency lighting came on.  A cast member came on over the intercom and told us to stay in our cars, someone would be around to escort us out.  Before we made our exit, I snapped a few pictures of the inside of the ride with the lights on.

These two pictures were up around the ceiling.

This was in front of us.

This was behind us.

A closer shot of the devil.

Kathy maneuvering around the track.

And out we go.  It was very interesting to see the detail up close.  How they used the different textures and colors to make things stand out in the dark.  It was very cool, just wish we were farther from the exit, so i could have seen more.


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