This installment:  Broke Down on Pooh!


On a trip to Disneyland March 2009, we were just about the finish our ride on the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh Ride when it just stopped. The Bee Hive ride vehicle stopped, all of the doors opened and the emergency lighting came on.  A cast member came around and started letting people off.

This picture is taken of the ride vehicle in front of us.  Normally in this part of the ride, there are doors that you go through that open as you get close to them.  As you can see, they are all opened.  When the ride stopped, all of the doors opened and the emergency lighting came on.

Here is a picture taken to the back of where we were stopped.  You can see the very bright emergency light shining our way, illuminating the ride vehicle track.

You could not see the ride vehicle behind us, but after a short while a family with small children came walking us with a cast member.  The cast member let us out and asked us to stay by the vehicle.  He then went to the vehicle in front of us.  At that point the mom of the small kids told them to go pose with the characters in the ride.  The kids preceded into the character sets and got their picture taken.  (You can see them in the picture below) Lindsay and I could not believe that the parents would let them do that.  First of all it was not safe, there could have been high voltage wires.  They also could have damaged one of a kind sets that would be very costly to repair.  What are people thinking?

Once the cast member rounded us all up, we walked out together.

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