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Updated 04/25/03

The Disneyland Skyway made its final run Wednesday on November 9, 1994.  Disneyland's Skyway opened on June 21, 1956 with 44 round cabins.  The 2400 foot cable and drive mechanism were built by the Von Roll Co. of Berne, Switzerland.  The Skyway opened in Disneyland as two attractions: the Skyway to Tomorrowland and the Skyway to Fantasyland. The Skyway required a "D" ticket for the one way ride.  When the Matterhorn opened in 1959 -- directly in the path of the Skyway -- the Skyway passed through two large openings on each side of the Matterhorn.  In 1965, as part of the "Tencentennial" celebration, the round cabins were replaced with rectangular ones. It is estimated that the Skyway carried 150 million guests. 

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Now the Skyway is just a shadow in our memories.  



Original Skyway Round Buckets


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