This installment:  Sleeping Beauty Castle Refurbishment, including some Fantasyland construction and refurbishment.
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The castle is covered from view, but there is much work going on that we cannot see. sb1.jpg (109528 bytes) Not to worry, the shops are still open. sb7.jpg (115870 bytes)
  sb2.jpg (77817 bytes)   sb8.jpg (118286 bytes)
The next couple of pictures show what the moat looks like without water. sb3.jpg (73856 bytes) Here is some new Fantasyland construction. sb9.jpg (103053 bytes)
  sb4.jpg (95095 bytes)   sb10.jpg (101074 bytes)
  sb5.jpg (81500 bytes) Where did the tea cups go?   sb11.jpg (138644 bytes)
  sb6.jpg (97802 bytes)   sb12.jpg (92305 bytes)

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