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These are a few of Our favorite Videos.

Disneyland Videos

This is the best Haunted Mansion Holiday video I have seen.  It is crystal clear and really let's you see what it would look like if you were there.  Thanks to orbitalpunk!


Floral Mickey Through the Years at Disneyland Park.  This video from Disney Parks shows the Mickey floral arraignment in front of the train station from 1955 to 2013.  It is the first thing you see when you enter the park and this is a great collection of video from many different years.



The Orange County Register's Around Disney blog had a video ride-through of the Mullholland Madness attraction before it closed Monday 10/18/2010 for construction.  It will reopen as the re-themed Goofy's Sky School.


The Fantasmic Dragon finally made his debut 9/1/09 (Thanks to PerformerInWaiting)


Nightastic Promo Video (Summer 2009)

Mickey's Fun Wheel at Night
Love it or hate it, it is amazing. (Thanks to hydrotrippin)

Disneyland's Pixie Hollow new lighting effects (Thanks to Makatu)  

DCA Main Street Electrical Parade and Disneyland's Pixie Hollow Preview 2009


2009 New it's a small world with the addition of Disney characters (Thanks to Mouse Planet)


2009 New it's a small world night time lighting effect (Thanks to Master Gracey)
When the lights come on at night, it's a small world is now lighted with blue and gold lighting.  When the train passes through the facade, a rainbow lighting effect follows the train across.


2008 it's a small world projection show (Thanks to Peoplemover Productions)

2008 it's a small world Holiday (Thanks to Peoplemover Productions)


Monorail Red making a test run 



Disneyland Rides

Pirates of the Caribbean

Peter Pan's Flight  Sorry this one is a little dark.

Indian Jones and the Temple of the Forbidden Eye, Queue and ride.

Jungle Cruise at Night

Small World Holiday

Thunder Mountain at Night

Splash Mountain


Story Book Boats

Star Tours

The Haunted Mansion is visited by Kurt Russell & the Osmonds. 
This is a great old video of the making of the Haunted Mansion as well as a walk through with the Osmonds.


Captain EO

Captain EO debuted at Disneyland on Sept. 18, 1986 and ran continuously through April of 1997.  It was a 17-minute 4-D , if you will, film that was 3D plus has special effects you could see and feel within the theater.  The theater sat 500 people per screening. It was executive produced by George Lucas. But Lucas did not want to direct it, so he called Steven Spielberg. But Spielberg was busy, so Francis Ford Coppola got the call.  Captain EO ended up costing about $30 million to make, which makes it both the most expensive 17-minute film ever made and most expensive music video ever, since that's what it really is.  It showcased two songs, "We Are Here to Change the World" and "Another Part of Me."  It also starred Angelica Houston and Dick Shawn.

Part 1

Part 2


Misc. Disneyland

Christmas fireworks and Snow


Walt Disney 1965 Speech to "Club 55" at Disneyland Hotel (thanks to SaturdaysToys)


DCA Rides

Monsters inc.

Misc. DCA

Blue Sky Cellar Video (New Disney Rides Revealed at DCA

Thanks to here are 4 Videos showing the new additions to DCA:

Mary Niven Introduction:


Mary Lowery on the New DCA Official Web Site:


Bob Weiss details upcoming DCA projects:


Steven Davison presents World of Color:



California Screamin', Missing the Top Portion of the Loop

Misc. Disney

Walt making an appearance on What's My Line.


Pluto Videos

Pluto, What were you thinking? 

I am sure being a Disney character at Disneyland has got to be a really tough job. Not only are the costumes heavy and hot, there's the small matter of the hundreds of children you have to deal with every single day.  Looks like the kid did something to provoke Pluto.  It is not know what happened, we only see the aftermath. 


Now this is the Pluto we all know and love.


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