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Updated 09/20/2007

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What's New

I have been adding items and making changes every week, so I thought I had better add a What's New page to let you know what has changed.  Come back often.

08/01/09  Over the last couple of weeks I have been adding video content to the video page.  There is a lot of information about the new additions to DCA and I wanted to share what I could find.  Check it out

03/21/09  We have added many pictures from our last 3 trips to the Disneyland Resort, we have updated Lindsay's Different Point of View page and updated the index page.

11/01/2008 Added over 300 photographs to the photo page of previous Disneyland trips including Christmas 2005 ad 2006.

We have added new items to the paper collection including the newer Disneyland and DCA maps from Halloweentime, items from Paradise Pier and new books.  I also added a link to over 350 pictures from the trip to Disneyland the week of 10/6.

09/07/2008 We added 10 new Disneyland ride videos taken by Lindsay during our Christmas trip for the 50th celebration.  Check back for new videos, as he  head back to Disneyland October 5th.  We hope to get a good collection of the holiday decorations as well as some more ride videos.

09/02/2008 We have added some videos to our video page.  We will be adding videos from our collection and will be collecting and adding more after our trip in October.  Come back and check it out..

05/04/08  Unfortunately, I have not been good about updating this page, but we have added items to the front page, the Disneyland Timeline, the Links/Phone Number pages and have been updating the Disneyland paper collection descriptions.  I will always continue the descriptions as time permits.  I now currently own all but a few of the Disneyland souvenir pictorial guides.  I have over the years owned all of the guides and pictures you see are from my collection.  I did sell quite a few, but have decided to keep these guides in my collection.  So, I am building it back up.  I need the 1955 pictorial and some of the later guides.  I have all of the other 1950s, all of the 1960s all of the 1970s most of the 1980s and 90s all of the 2000s (so far)

10/12/2007 Added many new paper items to the Paper collection.  Added backs to most of the Disneyland Guides.  Will continue to add pictures and descriptions, so check back regularly!  Added to the Pluto Collection Pages.  Over 40 new pictures and 2 videos.  Check it out!

Updated the Disneyland Timeline page.  Updated books page.

Split out the Paper collection by date and put each decade on a different page.  This will give more room to add information about the item.

It has been a long time since I have made any major updates.  Well it is time.  I will be revamping the entire paper collection section.  I will be adding new items, including better descriptions and adding more pictures.  Please continue to come back and see the progress.  Click here to go to the Paper Collection Pages

Lindsay and I will soon be building a new Index page, so excuse our dust in advance.

Disneyland Birthday Photos
The excitement is starting to build about the 50th Birthday of Disneyland 07/15/05.  In the mean time, check out some pictures taken at previous birthdays. 

Walt Disney's Wild West Pictures
These pictures are from the 1995 Walt Disney’s Wild West Exhibit at The Autry Museum of Western Heritage Featuring panel discussions with the cast of Spin and Marty and from Davy Crockett, Buddy Ebsen.    

Challenger Spirit Media Event with Leonard Nemoy

The 1993 "Partners" Statue dedication  Jack Linquist and Roy Disney dedicate the Partners statue at Disneyland.

The Lion King Parade Opening Celebration See the star studded celebration

Pictures from the Skyway's final day.

Lindsay has begun to write her weekly article, see it here.

Disneyland Timeline added.  More new sales items added.

Added many new sales items, including Books, Disneyland Paper, and a video.

Added many new sales items.

Added over 20 more items to the sales pages.

Added over 20 new items for sale including Disneyland guides from 1955-1999.

Redesign Sales Category page

Redesigned web site introduction.  Added new picture sections, articles, and a shopping cart.

Added Disneyland Hotels page.  Has mostly current Grand Californian paper.  Disneyland Hotels

Complete site redesign.  Added a shopping cart with over 100 Disney items for sale.  Added new kids point of view section.  Merged http://members.cox.net/~jonkat Disney site with this site.

Added 1988 Disney Gallery Inaugural Exhibit 1987-88 
Added 1982 EPCOT Center guide (First, with concept drawings)

Added Fall '01 Disney Magazine
Added 1978 it's a small world program
Added 1970 Wonderful World of Disney Magazine 

Added 1964 and 1965 Walt Disney's Disneyland Books
Added new category Links to Home Page

Added "7" new P series Postcards
Added St Lucia Stamps

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