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Updated 04/25/03


1995 Walt Disney’s Wild West Exhibit at The Autry Museum of Western Heritage Featuring panel discussions with the cast of Spin and Marty and from Davy Crockett, Buddy Ebsen.  The exhibit included art and pictures.

Movie poster on display for "Two Gun Mickey" Walt Disney's Wild West banner.
More banners in from of the Autry Museum.  
Speaking on Davy Crockett,  Buddy Ebsen  
Buddy doing a soft shoe.  Mouseketeers Lonnie Burr, Doreen Tracey, and Tommy Cole
From Spin and Marty, Harry Carrey Jr.  Harry played Bill Burnett David "Marty" Stollery, Harry Carrey Jr., and Tim "Spin" Considine
David, Harry, and Tim answer candid questions from the audience. Mouseketeer Doreen Tracey joins the cast of Spin and Marty


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