This installment:  Our visit to Club 33!
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He we are, Kathy and John.

club1.jpg (25553 bytes) Our brother-in-law George, let's the hostess know we are here. club2.jpg (17370 bytes)
The entry room is beautiful, lots of wood and mirrors. club3.jpg (26728 bytes) We need to decide, stairs or elevator to the second floor.  This is where the dining room is. club4.jpg (28545 bytes)
We decided to take the elevator.  George's wife, Kathy's sister joined us as well as our friends Pat and Margaret.   club5.jpg (27456 bytes) Down the hall to the dining room. club6.jpg (28662 bytes)
There was a short wait for our table to be ready. club7.jpg (32622 bytes) The dining area was just beautiful. club8.jpg (27354 bytes)
"Did you bring the charge card?" club9.jpg (24653 bytes) Great selection. club10.jpg (22616 bytes)
Great company. club11.jpg (31321 bytes) Pit stop before we leave.  The fixtures are very unique and impressive club12.jpg (23972 bytes)
I guess this is a water closet. club13.jpg (17681 bytes) Golden fixtures, very nice. club14.jpg (23869 bytes)
Time to go.  What a beautiful place and what a great time! club15.jpg (31440 bytes)    

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