This installment:  Indiana Jones Adventure construction pictures!
 (Click on pictures to enlarge)

Art on the fence blocking our view.   indy1.jpg (100655 bytes)   indy6.jpg (124757 bytes)
Coming soon! Spring 1995 indy2.jpg (32468 bytes)   indy7.jpg (77554 bytes)
The next pictures are of the actual Indy building. indy3.jpg (33055 bytes)

The monorail had to be moved to make room for Indy.

indy8.jpg (75005 bytes)
  indy4.jpg (61283 bytes)   indy9.jpg (71025 bytes)
If you look closely you can see the forming of the track. indy5.jpg (109705 bytes)   indy10.jpg (54090 bytes)


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